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Dear Sir or Madam,

the world faces more than ever great challenges. People, especially from Third World countries, leave their home more and more frequently to seek protection and a better future in safer countries. Migration continues to be strengthened by the increasing impact of climate change, which is expanding not only locally but globally, and whose effects such as heat, drought, or lack of water are now widely accepted in politics and the general public.

A common feature of these countries and a major reason for the migration waves are inadequate infrastructure, inadequate civil protection and drinking water supply, poor primary health care and inadequate fire and fire prevention.

But this is the basis of every state and is the prerequisite for the settlement of industry and business.

The association “International Fire and Rescue Confederation – IFRC registered association” with seat in Berlin, has set itself therefore the goal, the fire-brigade, fire protection and rescue service, the medical emergency supply as well as the population, civilian, and disaster control in third world and Emerging countries, or in countries where there is a need to support or improve and to realize research projects, the above-mentioned Make goals achievable faster.

The association represents the following basic theses:

Knowledge is the basis for prosperity and future prospects
Building well-functioning infrastructure systems provides security and reduces poverty and illegal migration

We keep you up to date on our activities

Yours sincerely

Dipl.-Ing. Lothar Hügin