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Fire protection, extinguishing and savety technology

Various extinguishing processes have been developed and tested since 1997, among them the process of airborne firefighting using explosive extinguishing procedures. In the field of safety technology AS2D (Acoustic System of De-escalation and Defence) has been developed to market-ready product status.

Within the framework of his teaching activity the managing director of the Hügin Group International, Dipl.-Ing. Lothar Hügin, gives lectures at the University of Kassel in Faculty 14 (Civil and Environmental Engineering). In that Faculty theses for the Dipom, Bachelor and Master degrees about the “Institut für Brandschutz– und Sicherheitstechnologie” are regularly assigned and supervised.

Safety technology

Acoustic Defence Systems
• Border Protection

Future Forum

The Future Forum of fire protection and safety technology is aimed at fire protection and safety authorities, businesses and other interested parties. The safety situation in the world is tenser than ever and people’s need for fire protection and safety is greater than ever.

Fire protection and safety is a complex system of mutually dependent components, which are to be considered sensitively as a whole and combined with farsightedness. For this reason fire protection and safety always mean a new challenge that is to be handled with absolute responsibility towards people and the environment. Fire protection and safety not only represent an amalgam of appropriate engineering methods but are also based on practical reality, the respective human factor and economic efficiency. It is our task and objective to implement responsibly and conscientiously the highest safety standards in accordance with state-of-the-art knowledge.

With our Future Forum we would like to link all fire protection and safety experts and technologically interested players with each other more cohesively as well as to present forward-looking technologies and application procedures both theoretically and practically.

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