Academy for Fire Safety, Security and Civil Protection

Training & Education

Operational fire protection

  • Fire protection instruction
  • Training as fire protection assistant
  • Further training as fire protection assistant
  • Training as evacuation assistant
  • Training as house fire fighter/self-help force in fire protection
  • Training as fire protection representative
  • Training as internal fire protection representative
  • Further training as fire protection representative

Construction fire protection

  • Fundamentals for site managers
  • Seminars for site managers and architects

Firefighting and disaster control

  • HGI – F1 Firefighting-Basic further training course
  • HGI – F2 Firefighting-Radio communication-further trainig
  • HGI – F3 Protective breathing apparatus wearers/further training
  • HGI – F4 Firefighting-Basic further training course
  • HGI – F5 Firefighting team leaders/further training course


Practical and theoretical training with AS2D (Herbertzhorn)

Participants will be trained in the use of the long-distance acoustic defence system known as the Herbertzhorn and the technology relating to it and familiarized with the operation of it.




Crisis Management

  • Organization and operational stages in disaster and crisis management
  • Seminars from the field of safety management