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Our Technisches Einsatzkommando (TEK) (Technical Operation Unit) for leadership and management activities from extraordinary situations to crisis situations. There are special cases that require rapid intervention with a high degree of precision and expert competence, such as for example public buildings that are not completed on time with the resulting inadequate construction fire protection and the warning of authorities about inappropriate functionality of necessary safety technology (matrix ventilation, RWA, smoke protection doors etc.), which can occur as a result of a crisis, such as flooding of a building or after a fire, and prevent an immediate opening in accordance with building regulations.

The TEK for compensation measures is a special unit of Hügin Group International and becomes active if it is the only course of action available. Our reputation is based on a variety of large projects which demonstrate that we, as a result of knowledge of complex systems such as that of fire protection gained through many years’ experience, adopt absolutely responsible compensation measures and appropriately and efficiently ensure the safety and protection of people, buildings with respect to operators, authorities and firefighting teams and use our considerable experience to implement these measures in the approved way.

The concept has been developed by us and already successfully used in several projects (such as shopping malls and universities in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and so on) on areas between 20,000 m² and 80,000 m².

Our TEK is a qualified team that can be on the scene at short notice and, within a short period, identify the appropriate fire protection and operational measures, have a fire protection plan for the area ready with a max. of 24 and work out the appropriate compensation meaures to be implemented in agreement with the building supervisors and firefighters and thus guarantee the operation and opening of the project concerned. The use of TEK can save the client additional costs, sometimes many millions, in the case of shopping malls and universities which plan or need to open on time.

Our established operation unit will handle any problem it faces, all over Germany and within hours, with discretion, transparency and unparalleled efficiency.